Colors of Nature

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“Colors of Nature,” Friend, July 1974, 6

Colors of Nature

Beautiful colors God has made

Of every tint and every shade—

Red for an apple, pink for a rose,

Orange for flames where firelight glows.

Green for a meadow and velvet moss,

Blue for the sea waves that roll and toss.

Silver for stars that twinkle on high,

Gold for the sun shining down from the sky.

Brown for rabbits that hop without rest,

Gray for a sparrow’s soft smooth breast.

Purple vine grapes and plums on the trees,

Yellow for dandelions on grasses and leas.

White for clouds piled high and tall,

Black for a raven with its shrill call.

Thank you, God, for earth’s beauty so fair

In all of these colors everywhere.

Illustrated by Jerry Harston