Tulip Plaque
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“Tulip Plaque,” Friend, Apr. 1972, 23

Tulip Plaque

You will need: paper plate, green pipe cleaners, artificial leaves and flower centers, crayons or paints, scissors, glue, string, and a white egg carton box.

Decorate a paper plate with a border or butterflies and bees. Glue some artificial leaves or leaves you have cut and colored from the egg carton to the plate.

Cut out and color several of the raised areas found between the egg holding depressions of egg carton. These will be flowers. Make a small hole in the bottom of each flower and insert a half of a pipe cleaner through it. Attach an artificial flower center inside the flower by bending the end of the pipe cleaner around the centers (see illustration). Glue flowers by the stems onto the paper plate.

When the glue has thoroughly dried, tape or glue a loop of string on the back of plate.