Paper Sculptures

“Paper Sculptures,” Friend, Oct. 1971, 26

Paper Sculptures


Cut a pumpkin face out of a sheet of orange constuction paper. Color it and then cut out two 1 1/4-inch circles for eyes. Next, cover the holes with a small piece of cellophane paper. Tape the cellophance on the back side of the face.

Use two round cardboard milk-bottle caps. Put a smooth colored button or similar object between the cellophance and the bottle cap. Tape these in back of the eye holes of your pumpkin.

Shake your pumpkin. Watch the eyes move round and round and up and down.


Fold a sheet of colored paper in half. Cut half of one head, using the fold as the middle of the head. This will be the face. Cut paper shapes for the face. Fold them in the middle and glue them to the head on the sides of the shapes. Allow the folded areas to protrude from the head, and the facial features will stand out.

You can also make the facial features stand out by pleating a short, small strip of paper and gluing one end of the strip to the head and the other to the back of the facial feature.

Another way to make things stand out is to bend a piece of paper around and glue each end onto the head.

Wide-eyed Owls

Take a 9-by-12-inch sheet of colored construction paper; pleat the entire piece lengthwise in 1/2-inch pleats, and fold it as straight as you can.

Staple the pleats together about three inches from the bottom, making a body and tail for the owl.

Cut a piece of paper into a diamond shape 8-by-10 inches. Paste it under the extending point on the back of the owl to make wings.

You can glue buttons, paper, or other similar round-shaped objects onto the head on each side of the beak for eyes.

Another owl can be made by drawing, coloring, and cutting out the shape of an owl. You will need a cardboard egg carton. Cut two of the cups and one of the protruding sections for the eyes and beak of the owl. Glue to the head of the owl.