September Calendar

“September Calendar,” Friend, Sept. 1971, 25

September Calendar

The leaves begin to turn;

We go barefoot no more;

September breezes whisper

“School is at our door.”

Telling Time at School

We have been learning

The way to tell time,

Even when using

A clock with no chime.

The smaller hand tells us

Which hour we mean.

The larger one shows

The minutes between.

Sept. 2, 1850: Eugene Field, American poet and journalist, born.

Sept. 4, 1781: City of Los Angeles, California, founded by Spanish.

Sept. 6, 1767: Marquis de Lafayette, French general and patriot, born.

Sept. 7, 1958: London Temple dedicated by Pres. David O. McKay.

Sept. 8, 1841: Antonin Dvorák, Bohemian composer, born.

Sept. 11, 1955: Swiss Temple dedicated by Pres. David O. McKay.

Sept. 12, 1852: Branch of Church organized in Poonah, India.

Sept. 13. 1898: Lorenzo Snow sustained as fifth president of the Church.

Sept. 17, 1884: Logan Temple dedicated by Pres. John Taylor.

Sept. 18: Independence Day in Chile.

Sept. 20, 1850: Pres. Brigham Young appointed governor of Utah Territory.

Sept. 23, 1945: Idaho Falls Temple dedicated by Pres. George Albert Smith.

Sept. 25, 1690: First American newspaper published.

Sept. 26, 1898: George Gershwin, American composer, born.

Sept. 30, 1929: First manned flight of jet-propelled airplane.