Family Study Fun
August 2020

“Family Study Fun,” Ensign, August 2020

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon

Family Study Fun

Consider these activities during family scripture study or home evening.

Alma 42:4 (July 27–August 2)

Flip a Choice

cards with faces on them

Illustrations by David Green

Read Alma 42:4 together and talk about how this life is a time for us “to repent and serve God.”

  1. Sit in a circle and give each family member three index cards.

  2. On two of the cards, write good choices. On the third card, write a bad choice.

  3. Turn the cards face down and mix them up in the middle of the circle.

  4. Take turns flipping over one card at a time. When someone reads a good choice, give the person a high-five (or another gesture that means “Good job!” in your culture).

  5. When someone reads a bad choice, the person shares something they could do to repent and serve God instead.

Discussion: Testify that Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to change and become better people. How can we use our time this week to follow Him and serve God?

Alma 50 (August 3–9)

Captain Moroni Says

children pretending to dig with shovels

Alma 50 describes how Captain Moroni protected his people against their enemies.

  1. Read Alma 50:1–6 and make a list of what the Nephites did to defend themselves: dig up heaps of earth, build a timber wall, and so on.

  2. Come up with an action to represent each defense. For example, pretend to shovel dirt for “digging up heaps of earth.”

  3. Now play a Book of Mormon version of Simon Says. One family member starts by saying “Captain Moroni says to …” and then picks one of the defenses. The rest of the group should quickly do the corresponding action. Then Captain Moroni gives a new command.

  4. If Captain Moroni gives a command without first saying “Captain Moroni says,” anyone who does the action is out.

Discussion: What spiritual dangers exist in the world? What can we do to protect ourselves and our homes from the adversary? For further insights, read and discuss Alma 43:19, 23–24.

Alma 57:19–27 (August 10–16)

Obeying Every Word

blindfolded boy

Read Alma 57:19–27 together and talk about how the stripling warriors were protected when they obeyed “with exactness” (verse 21).

  1. Blindfold one family member and have them stand against a wall.

  2. Place an object anywhere along the opposite wall and have the blindfolded person try to find the object in one minute without any help.

  3. After the time is up, have the person try again, except this time give them instructions to follow “with exactness.”

Discussion: How do God’s “instructions” help us stay safe and reach our goals?

Helaman 5:6–7 (August 17–23)

Name Game

girl with thought bubble

Read Helaman 5:6–7 together and talk about how Nephi and Lehi were named after righteous ancestors.

  1. Invite a family member to say the first letter of their first name.

  2. Each person in the family then tries to name a righteous person in the scriptures, or an ancestor, whose name also starts with that letter.

  3. Play again until everyone has had a chance to use their first initial.

Discussion: How can remembering examples from the scriptures and our righteous ancestors help us make good choices?

Helaman 8 (August 24–30)

Do You Remember?

books and temple picture

Read Helaman 8:19–25 together and talk about how Nephi wanted people to remember what the prophets taught.

  1. Set out items that represent the gospel (scriptures, pass-along card, Church magazine, CTR ring, etc.).

  2. Look at the items for one minute. Then invite someone to leave.

  3. Remove one item, then invite the person to return and try to remember what is missing.

  4. Play again until everyone has a turn.

Discussion: What can we do to remember important gospel lessons that bless our lives?