Family Study Fun

“Family Study Fun,” Ensign, March 2020

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon

Family Study Fun

Consider these activities during family scripture study or home evening.

March 2–8 (2 Nephi 31:5–20)

Spiritual Stepping Stones

Bare Fee

Illustrations by David Green

Christ said, “Follow me, and do the things which ye have seen me do” (2 Nephi 31:12).

  1. Place a picture of Christ on the opposite side of the room.

  2. Write on narrow pieces of paper or cards the “stepping stones” to Christ:

    • Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

    • Repentance

    • Baptism

    • The gift of the Holy Ghost

    • Enduring to the end

  1. Have someone put the steps in order.

  2. Place the steps on the floor in a “strait and narrow path” (2 Nephi 31:18) to Christ.

Discussion: Which stepping stone is next for each of you? How can we honor the steps we have taken? What can we do to strengthen our resolve to stay on the path?

March 9–15 (Jacob 4:14)

Off-Target Ball Toss

Bucket and Balls on the grass

The prophet Jacob taught that the spiritual blindness of the Jews caused them to look “beyond the mark” (Jacob 4:14), which resulted in their stumbling spiritually and missing many gospel truths.

  1. Place a bucket or sturdy bowl in the backyard.

  2. Take turns tossing a ball into the bucket, standing a short distance away.

  3. Now try tossing the ball into the bucket without looking at the bucket.

Discussion: Why was it harder to hit the target when we’re not looking at it? How did the Jews look “beyond the mark”? (Jacob 4:14). Read “Looking beyond the Mark” by Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (Ensign, Mar. 2003, 40–44). Discuss how we might find ourselves looking beyond the mark today.

March 16–22 (Jacob 5:61–75)

Digital Vineyard Harvesting

Smart phone with Family Search app

The allegory of the olive tree teaches us that we have a duty to help gather Israel, both among the living and beyond the veil.

  1. Open the Family Tree app on your phone (or go to FamilySearch.org).

  2. Select “Temple.” If you don’t already have a name prepared for the temple, select “Ordinances Ready.”

  3. Choose the ordinance you’d like to perform, and the names of any ancestors who need that ordinance will appear.

  4. Create a bar code to print the names at the temple or print them at home.

  5. Set a date in the near future to go to the temple and do the ordinances.

Discussion: How does it make you feel to know you are assisting the Lord in gathering His people?

March 23–29 (Enos 1:4–27)

Mighty, Meaningful Prayer


Enos prayed all day and into the night. Our prayers may not be that long, but they can be that meaningful.

  1. Identify all the things Enos prayed for:

  2. Discuss some modern equivalents of each of these (forgiveness; family, ward members, and the bishop; bullies at school; understanding the scriptures; and so on.)

  3. Kneel together and see if you can give a thoughtful, meaningful prayer for all that you identified.

Discussion: Why are our prayers more meaningful when we are more specific in our expressions? What else can you do to make your family and personal prayers more thoughtful?