Our Shared Struggle to Feel Like We Belong

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“Our Shared Struggle to Feel Like We Belong,” Ensign, March 2020

Young Adults

Our Shared Struggle to Feel Like We Belong

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Have you ever walked into a room and felt everyone’s eyes shift in your direction? Or worse—felt like no one noticed you at all? I have. Those situations can be hurtful because within all of us is a yearning to belong.

The gospel of Jesus Christ brings us together. But sometimes our differing circumstances can make it hard to feel like we belong. Among the many individuals who make up the Church, there are new converts who might be trying to find their way. On page 70, I share how my perspective on belonging and fulfilling the Lord’s expectations changed.

There are also many like Jodi and her husband (page 72), whose struggles with infertility or other challenges can make them feel like they don’t belong. Another example is provided by Onnastasia, who grew up feeling inadequate without a father in her home (page 76).

In digital-only articles, you can also read stories of how members who are welcoming can make all the difference for those returning to church; how we’re all needed in the body of Christ; how to thrive when you are introverted or you struggle with social anxiety; and how you truly belong whatever your circumstances, including having a disability or being divorced.

The Church is full of people who don’t feel like they belong. You might be one of them. But we all can do our part to make every member feel welcome. Because belonging isn’t a matter of circumstance—it’s a matter of who you truly are and who you are striving to become. As children of God, we all belong in Christ’s Church.


Brian S. King