Who Was Isaiah?
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“Who Was Isaiah?” Ensign, February 2020

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon

2 Nephi 11–25 (February 17–23)

Who Was Isaiah?

Isaiah Writing

Illustration by Allen Garns

The Savior taught, “Great are the words of Isaiah,” and He has commanded us to study them (see 3 Nephi 23:1). Many of Isaiah’s teachings are symbolic of the mortal ministry and Second Coming of Jesus Christ. His words are so valuable that, in 2 Nephi 12–24, Nephi wrote them down so that the people who read them may “lift up their hearts and rejoice” (2 Nephi 11:8).

  • Isaiah served as prophet from 740–701 BC, almost 40 years! At the time of his calling, Isaiah might not have been the white-haired old man we often imagine. You can read about his calling in 2 Nephi 16.

  • He had a family. You can read about his wife, “the prophetess,” and the naming of his newborn son by the Lord in 2 Nephi 18:3.

  • He was chief adviser to King Hezekiah. Isaiah had a lot of influence in Jerusalem. How might that have helped him in his role as prophet?

  • Isaiah is the most frequently quoted prophet in scripture. Thirty-two percent of the book of Isaiah is quoted in the Book of Mormon; another three percent is paraphrased. (See Old Testament Student Manual, 3rd ed. [Church Educational System manual, 2003], 131.) What is your favorite verse from Isaiah?

  • The name Isaiah means “the Lord is salvation.” Isaiah certainly taught that! How does taking upon you the name of Jesus Christ guide your decisions?