New FamilySearch Tool: Ordinances Ready
February 2019

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New FamilySearch Tool: Ordinances Ready

You can easily find family members to do temple work for. All you need is a phone and an app.

family on temple grounds

Photograph taken on Oakland California Temple grounds

With Ordinances Ready, a new tool on the FamilySearch Family Tree app, you can easily find family members you can do temple work for. Here’s how:

  1. Download the FamilySearch Family Tree app and sign in.

  2. You should be on the home screen.

    • iPhone Users: Tap the temple icon at the bottom..

    • Android Users: Tap the menu bar in the upper-left corner. Then tap on the temple.

  3. If you already have work reserved for your ancestors, you’ll see them listed here.

  4. Tap on the green Ordinances Ready button. A white box labeled Select Ordinance comes up.

  5. Pick which ordinance type you want. A list of ancestors will pop up. These are all people who need your help completing ordinances in the temple.

  6. Choose whether to print cards for your relatives or write down the Family Ordinance Request (FOR) number for each ordinance your ancestor needs to have completed. You can bring either to the temple.