Unlock Greater Power with the New Curriculum
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“Unlock Greater Power with the New Curriculum,” Ensign, December 2018

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Unlock Greater Power with the New Curriculum

2019 is bringing big changes to Sunday School!

Imagine if you were given more power in your life—the power to change, to break out of your rut, to rise above the difficulties that surround you. That power—God’s power—has always been available through His word, but new changes to Sunday School and Primary are meant to help us unlock that power in our daily lives.

I’m Mackenzie, a young adult and one of the writers of the new Come, Follow Me initiative for the home, Sunday School, and Primary. I’ve been blessed to help write Come, Follow Me, and I’ve seen the difference, and the power, that more effective scripture study can have in a person’s life—namely my own.

When I was first exposed to the new Come, Follow Me initiative, I wasn’t sure what to think. Sometimes it can be a real struggle to make time to read my scriptures every day—even though I always feel the difference and recognize the blessings I get when I read them regularly. (Anyone else in the “looking over a verse before rolling over to go to sleep” camp?) But really digging into the scriptures while helping write these materials has taught me not only (1) the value of giving myself time to adequately study the scriptures but also (2) that I can actually get revelation, really cool revelation, for myself when I actually try to have the Spirit when I study.

Working on the new Come, Follow Me initiative has given me the unique opportunity to get better at studying and finding truths in my scriptures for my job. And while many, many young adults will not have similar opportunities, I am confident that Come, Follow Me can do that for each of us.

In every outline we are encouraged to read the scriptures for ourselves and record our thoughts, assisted by little doctrinal nuggets that teach about the principles in the verses and invite us to ask ourselves questions about what we are learning. This simple way of reading the scriptures helps us learn more about the topics that interest us and ask ourselves questions that help us ponder those topics. But with this initiative, everyone else is doing this too. That way, when you meet together, you can discuss the gospel truths and principles that have made a difference in you, and others can do the same—bringing you together in your pursuit of everyone’s ultimate goal: becoming more like Jesus Christ.

Starting a new habit of scripture study is a process, and it can be difficult to start. But Jesus Christ can help you with this just like He can help with anything else. If you’re struggling to start or continue a habit of diligent scripture study, be sure to turn to Him. As you do, you and others around you will be blessed with a greater desire to read His word.