My Conference Notebook: April 2018 General Conference

“My Conference Notebook: April 2018 General Conference,” Ensign, August 2018

My Conference Notebook

April 2018 General Conference

What Will I Do?

Trying the Prophet’s Teachings

Gas station

I was touched by President Nelson’s message in conference that God wants to speak with me and tell me what He wants me to do. Today I thought I would try that out. I prayed that I could be of help to someone today. After lunch I needed to fill my car up with gas. I had the thought that I needed to buy someone gas. Somewhat skeptically, I thought, “We’ll see.” I began pumping my gas. A minivan pulled up next to me, and a lady got out with her son. She got her purse out and fumbled through it.

I was finishing pumping when I heard her say somewhat timidly, “Excuse me.” I turned to see a worried look on her face.

I told her I was supposed to buy someone gas today. “Is that someone you?” Surprised, she began to tear up. “Someone’s watching out for you today,” I said. I walked around the pump and inserted my credit card. Then I got in my car and drove away with the absolute assurance that someone is up there watching out for me too. Thank God for a prophet!

—Jonathan Benson, story shared on the Liahona Facebook page.