Media at Your Fingertips

“Media at Your Fingertips,” Ensign, July 2018

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Media at Your Fingertips

A software update makes it even easier for members to teach the gospel at home, at church, and on the go.

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Planning a Sunday School lesson, family home evening, or missionary discussion? With the LDS Media Library app you have a database of Church media at your fingertips.

The LDS Media Library app—the mobile app version of the LDS Media Library on LDS.org—has released a software update that makes it even easier for members to use Church media in teaching the gospel at home, at church, and on the go.

With the LDS Media Library app, you can search a large selection of Church media, trim video and music, organize clips in a presentation, and then present the material offline—all with a user-friendly interface.

The app works as a media presentation and teaching tool. Whether you’re in charge of a Sunday School lesson, a family home evening, or a missionary discussion, with it you will have—at your fingertips—a comprehensive database of Church media.

When you first open LDS Media Library 2.0, you are guided through a quick walk-through of the purpose of the app and some of its highlights. Here are a few of the things offered by LDS Media Library 2.0:

  • You can stay up to date with newly added items.

  • The app separates the “download” and “add to presentation” actions. When you want to download a single item, you can do so, and it will be saved in the My Media tab. As you’re creating a presentation, you can add media while searching or browsing, or you can go to “Downloads” in the My Media tab, select the appropriate item, and tap the Add to Presentation icon.

  • You can trim sections from media, which will conveniently autosave. For example, if you don’t want to present an entire 15-minute general conference talk, you can select portions using video or audio clip starts and stops, then drag and drop clips in the order you want to present them.

  • You can automatically save favorites for future reference.

  • If you’re having difficulties, you can take a screenshot of the problem and send it to the production team for assistance.

You can download the app for both Android and Apple mobile devices.