Respecting Others
September 2017

“Respecting Others,” Ensign, September 2017

Friend Connection

Respecting Others

Learn how the Friend magazine can help your family understand a different sensitive topic each month.

Friend Connection article

Children learn early to group people by similarities and differences. We can help children learn that all types of people deserve respect—whether they are different culturally, physically, or in other ways. Here are a few ideas for starting the conversation.

All Children of God” (page 4)

A Latter-day Saint boy visits a Buddhist temple with his family and learns about respecting other religions and cultures. Page 6 includes an activity idea for using this story for family night. What beautiful things do you notice in other religions or cultures? Page 38 follows a similar theme, featuring a Latter-day Saint girl with a Catholic friend.

Earrings for Jasmine” (page 36)

This story is about a girl who befriends a new classmate who is being picked on. During family night, you could role-play standing up for people in different situations. Does anyone at school or church need your family’s extra kindness?

Jesus Is Kind” (page FJ4)

Jesus Christ is a perfect example of treating others with kindness. Read this story and talk about other times Jesus showed love. How can you follow Jesus’s example this week? If you haven’t done so already, help your child send the Friend a heart with an act of love written on it. The magazine is collecting them until October 2017!