Caring for Our Bodies
June 2017

“Caring for Our Bodies,” Ensign, June 2017

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Caring for Our Bodies

Learn how the Friend magazine can help your family understand a different sensitive topic each month.

Friend Connection article

There are many opinions in the world about what it means to live a healthy life. Let’s make sure our children are equipped with a basic understanding of how precious their bodies are and a gospel-centered view of how to care for them. An important part of that discussion could include talking about abuse—what it is, how to protect themselves from it, and what to do if someone hurts them in any way. If you’re not quite sure how to start these conversations, don’t panic! This month’s Friend can help.

Martin’s Choice” (page 8)

This article tells about a boy in Kenya who decides not to drink tea even though his friends are doing it. What Word of Wisdom challenges are common where you live? How can you help each other make healthy choices as a family? Two other items in the June Friend also feature healthy-living habits: “Ready to Rest” (page 34) and “Running with Dad” (page 36).

Tickling Trouble” (page 22)

In this story, a brother and sister learn to respect the bodies of other people—and to pay special attention if someone says, “No!” You could use this story to start a conversation about what is appropriate touch, and how it’s OK to stand up for yourself if you are being touched in a way you don’t like or a way you have been taught is wrong.

Healthy from Head to Toe” (page 24)

These pages use the idea of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” (Children’s Songbook, 275) to guide kids through different aspects of good health—including emotional well-being, sleep, nutrition, dental hygiene, exercise, respect, and being safe from abuse. You could review this for family home evening and play some of the games in the exercise section.