Better Missionaries, Better Teachers
May 2017

“Better Missionaries, Better Teachers,” Ensign, May 2017

Better Missionaries, Better Teachers

In a worldwide broadcast, nearly 71,000 elders and sisters in 422 missions received training in how to be better missionaries and better teachers. Changes approved by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were announced as part of the training. A new daily schedule will allow greater flexibility in how missionaries use their time and greater adaptability according to the area where they are serving.

The purpose of the more flexible schedule is to help missionaries increase daily productivity, set more inspired goals, plan more effectively, be healthier, and use their agency to make righteous decisions about how best to spend their time. It will also allow them to be out working for a longer time.

The other change announced was a reduction of the number of “key indicators” missionaries use to report progress in their work. Missionaries were reminded that all principles in Preach My Gospel are important and should be applied.