How Will You Remember the Savior This Week?
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“How Will You Remember the Savior This Week?” Ensign, December 2016


How Will You Remember the Savior This Week?

Sacrament, Partaking of

President Eyring encourages us to “choose to remember [the Savior] in the way that best draws your heart to Him.”

How do you “always remember Him” throughout the week (see D&C 20:77, 79)?

Do you have favorite scriptures about the Savior? You could mark a different scripture each day this week and share it with someone.

Do you sing a hymn or another uplifting song in your mind when you’re feeling down? Maybe choose one that is specifically about the Savior this week.

Do you ponder the Savior’s life and atoning sacrifice during the sacrament every week? You could prepare for the sacrament by recalling your choices throughout the week to always remember the Savior and repenting of the times when you struggled to.

Do you pray for chances to share the gospel each day? Try to have a gospel discussion this week that focuses on the Savior. You could bear your testimony of the Savior during family home evening or talk to a friend at school about an experience you had at church.

Make a goal to remember the Savior in a special way this week. Tell a parent, a sibling, a leader, or a friend about your goal. At the end of the week, tell them what happened. You will both feel the peace and happiness that President Eyring talked about.