A Sinless Man
March 2016

“A Sinless Man,” Ensign, March 2016, 69

A Sinless Man



1. A sinless, pure, and holy man did what none else could do.

The very Son of God Himself faced this eternal truth:

Without His great atoning gift mankind would all be lost;

Without His sacrifice for sin God’s works would come to naught.

2. A sinless, pure, and holy man, obedient to God’s plan,

Submitted in all things to Him before the world began.

For only His pure offering could conquer sin and death—

His guiltless blood would ransom us and all mankind would bless.

3. A sinless, pure, and holy man with humble, broken heart

Then suffered more than man could bear to pay redemption’s part.

His loving off’ring, so complete, lacked yet the final cost—

His spirit left Golgotha’s cross that no one would be lost.

4. A sinless, pure, and holy man the third day rose to save.

Empow’ring us to do the same, He burst forth from the grave.

In Christ shall all be made alive, like springtime flow’rs that bloom.

We praise His vict’ry o’er the cross—His glorious empty tomb.

© 2016 by David B. Larsen and Janice Kapp Perry. All rights reserved. This song may be copied for incidental, noncommercial, church or home use. This notice must be included on each copy.