Celebrating Family Home Evening

    “Celebrating Family Home Evening,” Ensign, October 2015, 42–47

    Celebrating Family Home Evening

    In 1915, latter-day prophets counseled us to set aside an evening a week for our families (see “100 Years of Family Home Evening,” Ensign, Apr. 2015, 80). It was called “home evening” at first—a time to learn the gospel and have fun together, while strengthening our earthly and eternal connections.

    One hundred years later, family home evening continues to help us build families that will last for eternity. Prophets promise that through it, greater faith and spiritual strength will grow in our hearts, and greater protection, unity, and peace will abide in our homes.

    We all belong to a family on earth and are part of the family of our Father in Heaven. Wherever we are in the world and whatever our situation in life, we can celebrate and participate in family home evening.

    family gathered around table

    The Moua family recently moved to Thailand, where they learned the gospel and were baptized. For family home evening they study the Book of Mormon in both Hmong, their native language, and Thai, the language of their new home.

    family playing a game

    Having fun and playing games is one way the Santos family of Portugal creates close friendships in family home evening.

    family with arms raised

    Sister Gercan of the Philippines uses Primary songs and traditional music to teach her children the joy of the gospel.

    family in kitchen

    The Anderson family, pictured here in the kitchen of their Georgia, USA, home, love making cookies. They sometimes use them as part of a lesson or simply as a treat.

    man teaching boy with others gathered around

    Family means more than mother, father, and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So when Brother Suekameno gathers his family for home evening, many from the village feel welcome to join in.

    man with hands crossed teaching family

    Brother and Sister Reynolds of Washington, USA, look for ways to teach the gospel simply so their young children can learn and understand.

    woman leading family in music

    The Espinoza family of Bolivia include their honored grandmother in family home evening as they sing and learn of the gospel.

    family looking at photo albums

    For the Jin family of Georgia, USA, family history is a favorite home evening activity. They enjoy teaching their children about their Korean heritage.

    family walking together

    The Ligertwood family of Australia sometimes go on outings as part of family home evening, exploring beautiful parts of their city.