Bread of Life, Living Water
July 2015

“Bread of Life, Living Water,” Ensign, July 2015, 74

Bread of Life, Living Water


sheet music

1. Jesus offered up His body on the cross in bitter pain.

Freely He gave up His life so that we might live again.

2. In the garden Jesus suffered ev’ry sin and ev’ry woe,

Bleeding drops from ev’ry pore, so we could forgiveness know.

3. Now I come before the altar, off’ring up my broken heart,

Seeking for the blessed gifts His Atonement can impart.

Bread of Life, Living Water,

Feed my soul, fill my heart.

Give to me new life in Thee,

And make me whole, complete and holy,

Bound to Thee eternally.

© 2013 by Annette W. Dickman. All rights reserved. This song may be copied for incidental, noncommercial church or home use. This notice must be included on each copy made.