Conference Story Index
November 2014

“Conference Story Index,” Ensign, November 2014, 124

Conference Story Index

The following list of selected experiences related during general conference can be used in personal study, family home evening, and other teaching. The number refers to the first page of the talk.



Neil L. Andersen

(28) Neil L. Andersen counsels a returned missionary regarding his testimony of Joseph Smith.

M. Russell Ballard

(89) A river guide warns rafters to “stay in the boat” as they prepare for a trip through white-water rapids.

David A. Bednar

(107) After receiving treatment for a minor injury, David A. Bednar’s son offers similar treatment to his friends.

Linda K. Burton

(111) A full-time missionary finishes his mission with a refined spirit after giving his heart, might, mind, and strength to the Lord.

Tad R. Callister

(32) The mother of Ben Carson turns his life around. A Lebanese girl learns the gospel from her mother. Tad R. Callister’s parents teach him the gospel.

Craig C. Christensen

(50) Several deacons say why they admire President Monson. Craig C. Christensen gains a testimony by studying the Book of Mormon.

D. Todd Christofferson

(16) King Henry V tells his men that each is the master of his own soul. A man who refuses to care for himself consents to being taken to a cemetery.

Quentin L. Cook

(46) Lucy of the comic strip Peanuts makes excuses for dropping fly balls. A young man makes choices inconsistent with his goals of serving a mission and marrying in the temple. A visit with a college coach confirms Quentin L. Cook’s decision to follow his father’s advice.

Dean M. Davies

(53) The Church and its members in the Philippines rescue members and nonmembers following a devastating typhoon.

Cheryl A. Esplin

(12) A Young Women leader learns about the sacrament’s enabling power. A 96-year-old man attends church so he can partake of the sacrament.

Henry B. Eyring

(59) A new convert helps young Henry B. Eyring and his brother prepare for priesthood service. Henry B. Eyring’s father and bishop show confidence in him by asking for his help. A senior home teaching companion shows trust in Henry B. Eyring’s son.

(70) The mother of Henry B. Eyring prays that he will hear the word of God in her counsel. Church leaders in Idaho, USA, receive revelation to help victims of a flood. The wife of a man who receives the sealing power knows by revelation that her husband is called by God.

Eduardo Gavarret

(37) As a full-time missionary, Eduardo Gavarret learns a lesson about following the Savior’s voice. Parents and siblings of a 14-year-girl in Uruguay follow her example and join the Church. The parents of Eduardo Gavarret accept the missionaries and their message.

Carlos A. Godoy

(96) To receive the blessings promised in his patriarchal blessing, Carlos A. Godoy, with his wife’s support, seeks additional education.

Robert D. Hales

(80) Young Robert D. Hales gains a testimony as he learns about Deity from his parents, teachers, the scriptures, and the Holy Ghost.

Jeffrey R. Holland

(40) Thomas S. Monson returns from Germany in his slippers after giving away his shoes and extra suit and shirts.

Larry S. Kacher

(104) Larry S. Kacher and his wife are caught in a riptide but make it to shore thanks to divine intervention. Two men make choices that lead their families away from the Church. The in-laws of Larry S. Kacher bless their posterity by living the gospel and teaching it to their children.

Jörg Klebingat

(34) Jörg Klebingat counsels a sister in the Ukraine Kyiv Mission not to be immobilized by her weaknesses.

Neill F. Marriott

(117) Neill F. Marriott leaves the temple knowing she can trust in the Savior. Neill F. Marriott’s daughter encourages her family to pray after the family’s young son is lost. Nine hundred young women in Alaska recite from memory “The Living Christ.”

Hugo E. Martinez

(102) President Monson ministers to a father whose daughter is ill. Brothers bring water to the Martinez family following a hurricane.

Thomas S. Monson

(67) A torpedo strikes the rudder of the battleship Bismarck, leaving it unable to steer a charted course.

(86) Church members in Canada frequent the home of a German immigrant couple so they can partake of the peaceful spirit there.

Russell M. Nelson

(74) After operating on President Spencer W. Kimball, Russell M. Nelson receives a witness that President Kimball will become the prophet.

Dallin H. Oaks

(25) Because of his wife’s patience and kindness, a nonmember husband decides to get baptized.

Allan F. Packer

(99) While focusing on chopping wood, young Allan F. Packer forgets to take the cover off his hatchet.

Boyd K. Packer

(6) A woman realizes that the Savior has already paid for a terrible wrong committed against her.

L. Tom Perry

(43) A grandson of President Harold B. Lee reminds his mother of the importance of prayer at bedtime.

Lynn G. Robbins

(9) President Boyd K. Packer asks Lynn G. Robbins which way he faces, reminding him that he represents the prophet to the people.

Jean A. Stevens

(114) The parents of Jean A. Stevens hold fast to their covenants and their love for the Lord. Young women prepare for temple covenants.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

(56) A man obsesses over a single dandelion in his neighbor’s yard. A bank robber rubs lemon juice on his face, believing it will make him invisible. In an ostensibly strong ward, 11 marriages end in divorce.

(120) Visiting teachers come to the aid of a single mother struggling with two sick children.