Family Home Evening Ideas

“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Ensign, September 2014, 3

Family Home Evening Ideas

This issue contains articles and activities that could be used for family home evening. The following are some examples.

“Healing Hidden Wounds,” page 52: Look at the questions on page 56 of this article and consider setting aside time to speak with each of your children individually about pornography. Since teenagers sometimes turn to pornography to cope with challenges, consider evaluating the example you set of how to cope with challenges and committing to your children to improve. For your lesson, you could decide on family computer rules and review general conference talks on virtue (such as Elaine S. Dalton, “A Return to Virtue,” Ensign, Nov. 2008, 78). You could also use family memorabilia—such as wedding photographs and baby blessing outfits—to share the stories of how virtue has blessed your life.

“The Work of Salvation: Then and Now,” page 62: Consider discussing with your family the five responsibilities of the work of salvation identified in the article. Ask family members what the Book of Mormon and other scriptures teach us about how we can meet these responsibilities. You may want to share some of the examples from the Book of Mormon given by Elder Clayton. With the five responsibilities in mind, talk about what steps your family could take to improve their efforts in hastening the work of salvation. You could write down two or three suggestions for your family to focus on and post them where they will be seen often.