August 2014

“Love,” Ensign, August 2014, 9

Drawing Parallels


Some of the most important topics are addressed by more than one general conference speaker. Here is what three speakers said about love:

  • To youth: “Take heart. Pure Christlike love flowing from true righteousness can change the world.” —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, “The Cost—and Blessings—of Discipleship,” 8.

  • To women: “As we look beyond our differences in age, culture, and circumstance … , we will be filled with the pure love of Christ.” —Bonnie L. Oscarson, “Sisterhood: Oh, How We Need Each Other,” 121.

  • To men: “We … have committed to be a people who love God and our neighbor and who are willing to demonstrate that love through word and deed. That is the essence of who we are as disciples of Jesus Christ.” —President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Are You Sleeping through the Restoration?” 61.