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“Corrections,” Ensign, July 2014, 13


In the article “Emulating Eliza” (Ensign, March 2014, 37), the author refers to Eliza R. Snow as her ancestor, even though Eliza had no posterity. The author is a direct descendant of Erastus Snow, a distant cousin of Eliza’s. Hence the word ancestor is used here to mean that Eliza is part of the author’s extended family tree.

In the “Answering Questions” sidebar on page 72 of the April issue, replace the text starting on line 17 with the following: “On the ‘Temple’ page, select the names you would like to release and click Share. Your family names will become part of the temple file and be made available to other patrons so they can complete the ordinances. You may also release names back to Family Tree on FamilySearch.org so that other related individuals can request them. To do this, select the names and click Unreserve. (If you unreserve names that are already printed on cards, make certain that you tear up the cards to avoid duplication.)”