Teaching at Church Should Follow Christ’s Example
May 2014

“Teaching at Church Should Follow Christ’s Example,” Ensign, May 2014, 134

Teaching at Church Should Follow Christ’s Example

“We are trying to follow in the Savior’s footsteps of teaching,” said the new Sunday School general president, Tad R. Callister, following general conference.

That means asking inspired questions that help people to become converted, he said. The goal is “to help them to understand and feel the Spirit of the gospel in their lives.”

He said that he is impressed with Come, Follow Me, the online curriculum for youth that includes the latest talks from general conference as well as Church-produced media. Participation has replaced lectures, he said, and “there is a definite shift from just teaching a lesson to trying to customize it to the needs of the students in the class.”

He added that Come, Follow Me helps to bring about conversion and not just pass on information. “I think we’re going to raise up a generation of youth that are the finest teachers in the world, the finest parents in the world,” he said, “because they’re now getting this experience as youth and not having to wait until [they are] adults … to find out how effective teaching and understanding can be.”

Jesus Christ is the Master Teacher, Brother Callister said, and our teaching at church should bring people to Christ. Emphasizing the need to teach doctrine clearly and concisely, he said that “anytime that we try to emulate the Savior, we’re on good ground.”