Can He See Me?
January 2014

“Can He See Me?” Ensign, Jan. 2014, 80

Until We Meet Again

Can He See Me?

The author lives in Utah, USA.

Daniel ran into the yard and asked me, “If I look up at the sky and smile, will God smile back at me?”

It was the morning before my son, Daniel, had his first day of kindergarten, and he had a few concerns about leaving home to attend school. I wanted to make sure that he felt prepared to meet the challenges in the “real world.” I told Daniel that I would miss him very much while he was away. I assured him that even though I couldn’t be with him at school, he would never need to feel afraid or lonely because his Father in Heaven would watch over him. I reminded him that he could pray anytime, anywhere and that God would always hear him.

As I spoke, Daniel, barely five years old, listened very intently. After some thought he responded, “Can He see me when I’m in my house?”

“Yes,” I assured him.

“Can He see me when I’m outside?” he asked.

“Yes, He can always see you,” I replied.

With a look of excitement, Daniel ran immediately to the backyard. I followed closely behind him. Daniel looked upward at the cloudless, blue sky and asked, “If I look up at the sky and smile, will He see me and will He smile back?”

Rendered speechless from the lump in my throat and the tug on my heartstrings, I nodded, “Yes!”

Still looking heavenward, this time with squinted, searching eyes and perfect, childlike faith, Daniel thoughtfully asked, “Can I see Him?”

“You might not be able to see Him,” I replied, “but you will know He is there because you will feel His smile in your heart.”

Daniel stood smiling as he gazed into the heavens. From the peaceful look on his angelic face, I knew he was experiencing that divine smile deep in his soul.

From the mouths of babes we learn much about pure faith—the faith we hope they’ll cling to forever. Inevitably they discover that although life is good, it’s sometimes hard. We pray that their faith will sustain them.

When times get tough in my own life, I remember Daniel’s example, and with all the childlike faith a grown-up can muster, I too look searchingly heavenward and ask, “Can He see me?” Then, Daniel-like, I quietly ponder, “Can I see Him?” As I consider the multitude of His tender mercies in my life, the Holy Ghost confirms that I have truly felt Heavenly Father’s love. Renewed in my faith and inspired by hope, the Spirit assures me that I always can.