Audio and Video Back to 1971 Added to Conference Archives
May 2012

“Audio and Video Back to 1971 Added to Conference Archives,” Ensign, May 2012, 141

Audio and Video Back to 1971 Added to Conference Archives

In an effort to help members better access counsel given by beloved past and current prophets and apostles, the Church is adding audio and video archives to the general conference section of LDS.org.

By June 2012, online archives in English will feature audio and video of every general conference from April 1971 to the present. Previously, only text of conferences dating back to 1971 were available; English video dated back only to 2002. Also by June 2012, the Church will provide audio and video formats of conference addresses back to 2008 in more than 70 additional languages.

“While the majority of Church members come to the general conference section of LDS.org to read, watch, and listen to the latest conference addresses, many members are also interested in accessing past conferences,” said Elder Patrick Kearon of the Seventy. “The purpose of this initiative is to make conference messages much more accessible to members of the Church around the world.”

The Church is also adding music to the conference archives. Currently, members can listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform songs back to 2008 by clicking on Show Music at the top of each conference section on LDS.org. A new music archive (GCmusic.lds.org) allows searches across multiple archives and conferences.

Plans are in place to make the archives accessible not only through LDS.org but also the Church’s mobile apps, such as the Gospel Library app, and other vehicles, including the Mormon Channel on Roku and YouTube.


Music from all conference sessions dating back to 2008 can now be listened to or downloaded from GCmusic.lds.org.