Making Family Home Evening a Priority
February 2012

“Making Family Home Evening a Priority,” Ensign, Feb. 2012, 73

Making Family Home Evening a Priority

Kathy Goedde Edwards, Utah, USA

When our children were young, our lives were busy with various activities. We anticipated Monday nights when we would have family home evening and could enjoy being together.

During this time, my youngest daughter was on a dance team that practiced twice a week. When her teacher moved practice to Monday nights, we started holding family home evening after her practice. After about three weeks, we realized that the new schedule was making Monday evenings stressful.

We talked to the dance teacher and asked if there was another night she could hold the practices, but she said no.

We didn’t feel right about changing our family home evening schedule to accommodate dance. After talking with our daughter, we decided that it was more important to have family home evening than to make time for dance team. Surprisingly, our daughter did not mind.

Now our daughter is 20 years old. She replaced dancing with other interests that have proved to be more fulfilling. Her decision to give up dance so that we could hold family home evening has blessed our family.