Elder Tad R. Callister
November 2011

“Elder Tad R. Callister,” Ensign, Nov. 2011, 128

Elder Tad R. Callister

Of the Presidency of the Seventy

Elder Tad R. Callister

Elder Tad Richards Callister, newly sustained to the Presidency of the Seventy and member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy, explains that one of the Brethren’s goals is bringing about “real growth” in the Church. “That entails more and more people not just coming to sacrament meeting but also partaking of the sacrament, receiving the ordinances the Church offers, and keeping their covenants,” he said.

Desiring to help local Church leaders in that effort, Elder Callister is grateful that the Lord has given him opportunities to serve in many callings. “Having walked in the shoes of the very people I’m now working with—stake presidents and bishops and elders quorum presidents—hopefully makes me more sensitive to and aware of what their needs are,” he explained.

Elder Callister has served as a full-time missionary in the Eastern Atlantic States Mission, elders quorum president, stake mission president, stake president’s counselor, bishop, stake president, regional representative, Area Seventy, Canada Toronto East Mission president (2005–08), and was serving as President of the Pacific Area when called to the Presidency of the Seventy.

Born to Reed and Norinne Callister in December 1945, in Glendale, California, USA, Elder Callister received a degree in accounting from Brigham Young University in 1968. He graduated from law school at the University of California Los Angeles in 1971. In 1972 he earned an LLM (master’s) degree in tax law from New York University. From 1972 to 2005 he practiced law, and he has written books about the Atonement and the Apostasy and the Restoration.

He married Kathryn Louise Saporiti in December 1968 in the Los Angeles California Temple. They have six children.

Elder Callister has recognized the Lord’s hand in his life. “The Savior’s love is so overwhelming that I think that He and our Father in Heaven are anxiously waiting to bless us at the slightest good we do, because that’s Their nature.”