Two Thousand Stripling Warriors
October 2011

“Two Thousand Stripling Warriors,” Ensign, Oct. 2011, 47

Two Thousand Stripling Warriors


music, Two Thousand Stripling Warriors

1. Two thousand stripling warriors, young men of pow’r and might

Responded to the battle cry: O who will stand and fight?

Behold, our God is with us! We serve at His command.

They did not fear to give their lives but boldly took a stand.

2. This willing band of brothers were by their mothers taught

To trust in God continually, be true in deed and thought,

For God would then protect them; their faith He would reward.

They did not doubt their mothers knew; they trusted in the Lord.

3. With Helaman, their leader, this valiant brotherhood

United in exceeding faith, and fearlessly they stood.

With no desire for bloodshed but wanting to be free,

They fought for life and liberty, for God and family.

4. Two thousand stripling warriors, courageous for their cause,

Went forth as with the strength of God, and not one soul was lost.

Their faith had made them mighty; their strength was multiplied.

They fought with pow’r beyond their own, for God was on their side.

Alma 53; 56–57

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