A Lesson from Our Son on Temples
September 2011

“A Lesson from Our Son on Temples,” Ensign, Sept. 2011, 67

A Lesson from Our Son on Temples

Corrina Terry, Nevada, USA

One Sunday, our sons brought the Church Temples booklet (item 09339000) home from Primary. I meant to sit down with them and go through it but never did. It sat on a table in our living room for a while before our son Andrew decided to use it for a family home evening lesson.

As he gave the lesson, Andrew used the magazine to show us pictures of temples, teach us about God’s temples on earth, and ask us temple trivia. Our favorite part was at the end of his lesson when he showed us pictures of temples and we had to guess what country the temple was in.

We will never forget this simple but meaningful lesson our nine-year-old son gave. We had a great time as a family, and the Spirit bore witness to us of the importance of temples and temple work here on earth.