World Briefs

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“World Briefs,” Ensign, Aug. 2011, 78

World Briefs

Joseph Smith Papers Going Online

Selections from the Joseph Smith Papers are now available online at josephsmithpapers.org and are accessible free of charge. The goal is to eventually publish all of the Church History Department’s 7,000 Joseph Smith-related documents online.

Gospel Materials Available for Electronic Readers

Users of electronic reading devices such as Nook, iBook, and Sony Reader can now access Church manuals, scriptures, study helps, and general conference talks in EPUB format.

Go to LDS.org/manual and click on New EPUB format for scriptures, general conference, and many manuals under “Additional Resources.”

Church Announces BeSmart Firesides for 2011

Sixteen days of BeSmart firesides kick off on August 23, 2011, in Wyoming, USA. Other firesides will follow in various areas of the United States and will offer youth advice about higher education preparation, institute, and Church schools. Learn more at BeSmart.com.

Free Genealogy Classes from FamilySearch

FamilySearch.org now offers more than 140 classes online free of charge to help people with family history. Courses ranging from beginning to expert skill level include half-hour filmed sessions taught by experts as well as electronic handouts.