Focusing on Easter Worship
April 2011

“Focusing on Easter Worship,” Ensign, Apr. 2011, 73

Focusing on Easter Worship

Eliana Osborn, Arizona, USA

To help my children separate our Easter worship from the worldy aspects of the celebration, I prepared a special family home evening lesson. First, to help them understand the sacredness of Easter, I had my young son put pictures of the Easter events into a timeline: the Last Supper, the Savior in Gethsemane, His arrest and Crucifixion, the body in the tomb, and the Resurrection. We talked about each picture and how people must have felt.

Second, after having this spiritual part of the lesson, we talked about the commercialized things we see at Easter: bunnies, eggs, candy, and so on. We noticed that none of these things were part of the original story of Easter. Then we discussed the differences in what they made us think of.

For our family, this has been a good way to participate in the seasonal activities without losing the focus of the Savior and what He did for us.