Church Announces 2011 Pageants

    “Church Announces 2011 Pageants,” Ensign, March 2011, 76–77

    Church Announces 2011 Pageants

    The first of five Church-sponsored pageants opens next month at the Mesa Arizona Temple. The others take place across the United States. Find out more about the pageants below.

    Jesus the Christ

    April 13–23, 2011

    Mesa, Arizona, USA

    The Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant focuses on the life of Jesus Christ from His birth to His ministry, Atonement, and Resurrection. The play consists of reenactments from the King James Version of the Bible to share the ministry and teachings of Jesus Christ. This large Easter pageant has a cast of more than 450 and a production staff of 400. Visit easterpageant.org.

    Mormon Miracle Pageant

    June 16–25, 2011

    Manti, Utah, USA

    The stories of the Restoration, the witness of the Book of Mormon, and the pioneer journey to Sanpete Valley are intertwined in the Manti Pageant to tell of Jesus Christ’s love for all people. The pageant is performed outdoors with the beautiful Manti Utah Temple in view. Visit mormonmiracle.org.

    Nauvoo Pageant: A Tribute to Joseph Smith

    July 5–30, 2011

    Nauvoo, Illinois, USA

    The spirit of Old Nauvoo is alive as the story of Joseph Smith and the early Latter-day Saints is unfolded on an outdoor stage near the reconstructed Nauvoo Temple. The Nauvoo Pageant began in 2005 to commemorate the 200th birthday of the Prophet Joseph and has been performed by Latter-day Saint volunteers every summer since. Visit nauvoopageant.org.

    Hill Cumorah Pageant

    July 8–16, 2011

    Palmyra, New York, USA

    The Hill Cumorah Pageant, America’s Witness for Christ, takes viewers on a journey through ten accounts from the Bible and Book of Mormon. This magnificent production occurs each July on a 10-level stage equipped with sound and lighting to reenact earthquakes and lightning from the ancient stories. Visit hillcumorah.org/pageant.

    Martin Harris: The Man Who Knew

    July 29–August 12, 2011

    Clarkston, Utah, USA

    The Clarkston Pageant shares the incredible story and testimony of Martin Harris, one of the three special witnesses of the Book of Mormon. Viewers learn of his trials and testimony as he helped bring forth the Book of Mormon for our day. Visit martinharrispageant.org.

    The Nauvoo Pageant tells the story of Old Nauvoo and the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

    Photograph by Joy Gough

    The Hill Cumorah Pageant reenacts accounts from the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

    Photograph by Longiin Lonczyna, Jr.