The Bright Side of a Dog Bite
March 2011

“The Bright Side of a Dog Bite,” Ensign, March 2011, 6


The Bright Side of a Dog Bite

In the summer of 2009, I was bitten on my face by my friend’s dog. Unfortunately, the bite split my lip open, and I had to get stitches.

Following the injury, I was very downhearted. I allowed adversity to take over my thoughts, and I felt like my whole life had been ruined. I was self-conscious about my lip and didn’t want to go out in public at all. In my mind my plans for piano, volleyball, church, swimming, and school were crushed by my injury.

But whenever I prayed, received priesthood blessings, talked with my parents, or had visits by my family and friends, my spirits were lifted and I felt happiness at a time of sadness. I soon realized that if people were thinking about my injury, they were feeling compassion.

This experience helped build my character, and I learned not to be as worried about what other people thought about me. I was also blessed because my injury helped me realize that I should think less about myself and start caring more for others. My spirit was greatly strengthened during this time.

I learned that adversity is a part of Heavenly Father’s plan for us. If we look for the good and not the bad, we can overcome adversity, become a better person, and let the experience strengthen our testimony.