Sing Your Sweetest Song
June 2010

“Sing Your Sweetest Song,” Ensign, June 2010, 6


Sing Your Sweetest Song

President Monson told about Sister McKee’s three canaries. Two were yellow all over. They looked perfect! The third didn’t look perfect because it had gray spots on its wings. But Sister McKee loved it because it sang so sweetly.

Some people feel they are not as beautiful or as smart as others. But each person is valuable to the Lord. We can be faithful and brave and use our talents to serve others. Then we are like the yellow canary with gray on its wings. We are not perfect, but we are singing our sweetest song!

Color the picture of Sister McKee and her special canary. Then write down three ways you can sing your sweetest song for the Lord.

I can sing my sweetest song for the Lord by:

coloring picture

Illustration by Maryn Roos