Helping Children Find Joy in the Gospel

“Helping Children Find Joy in the Gospel,” Ensign, Dec. 2009, 61

Family Home Evening Helps

Helping Children Find Joy in the Gospel

Rachel Harrison, New Zealand

Each month, our family chooses a “joy” in our lives to focus on in family home evening. For instance, we have taught about the joys of preparation, kindness, and missionary work. One April, to coincide with general conference, we decided to teach about the joy of revelation.

I was wondering how I would teach this when I received some simple inspiration. Why not just talk about the joy I have experienced as I have received personal revelation? My husband and I gathered items that represented personal revelation we have received and put the items in a bag. During our lesson, each child took a turn taking something from the bag. My husband and I would then briefly share what the item represented and how we felt when we received direction from heaven. For example, I put in my engagement ring and told the children how I felt when I knew marrying their father was the right thing to do. I also put in a Book of Mormon and I told of when I prayed to receive the Lord’s guidance to know if it was true.

Our children loved the surprise of pulling something out of the bag, but it was also a powerful opportunity for my husband and me to share experiences from our own lives. It has been lovely to share the joys of the gospel with our four young children in a family home evening setting.