“Comment,” Ensign, Dec. 2009, 80


Giving Up the Game

“Just a Game” (August 2009, 46) really spoke to me. Before the Internet there were role-playing games, and I played. It negatively affected my schoolwork, my friendships, and my self-esteem. If I have any advice to give, it’s that there’s a whole world out there of much better entertainment.

Joy Meyer

California USA

Up For Discussion

“Leading Class Discussions” (June 2009, 24) has made a huge difference in my Gospel Doctrine class. I was guilty of answering the questions I asked after an “awkward silence” of only a few seconds, so class participation was subdued and I spent a lot of time lecturing. After I followed Brother Jones’s suggestions, class participation soared and the influence of the Spirit was tangible.

This article should be required reading for all teachers!

Richard Rodney

Virginia, USA


An article in the June Ensign on the Church History Library reported that the library holds 13,000 photos. It should have stated that the library holds 13,000 collections of photos, likely totaling more than one million photographs. In addition, the number of vaults in the building is 12 rather than 14.