Gospel Art Book Designed for Worldwide Audience
May 2009

Gospel Art Book Designed for Worldwide Audience,” Ensign, May 2009, 144

Gospel Art Book Designed for Worldwide Audience

To meet the growing demand to make gospel-related art available to families and teachers around the world, the Church has created a 137-page Gospel Art Book that costs a fraction of what the existing Gospel Art Kit costs. The book comes with indexing and scripture references in 8 languages and inserts for 50 additional languages.

“The Gospel Art Book is a wonderful new resource for teaching the gospel—both in families and in the Church,” said Cheryl C. Lant, Primary general president. “All of us, and especially children, are visual learners. Seeing these beautiful pictures captures our attention, keeps our focus, and teaches us many unspoken principles of the gospel. We also know that seeing helps us to feel, or in other words, invites the Spirit into the learning process.”

The new Gospel Art Book will cost U.S. $3.50 inside the United States and Canada (or U.S. $1.50 each for a case of 20). Outside of the U.S. and Canada, the book will cost U.S. $1.50. By comparison, the existing Gospel Art Kit costs about U.S. $30.

“We designed this to make it as inexpensive as possible,” said Michael Madsen, Curriculum Planning and Development specialist. “We tried to price it so that every member of the Church could have a copy of the book.”

The 8.5 by 11 inch (22 by 28 cm) spiral-bound book contains art depicting scripture stories from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Book of Mormon, and Church history, as well as photos showing other aspects of the Church and gospel. Some of the pictures in the book are Adam and Eve Teaching Their Children, Christ Ordaining the Apostles, Enos Praying, The First Vision, Young Girl Speaking in Church, The Articles of Faith, Salt Lake Temple, and Latter-day Prophets.

Julie B. Beck, Relief Society general president, said the book is a great improvement over the kit. While the kit was heavy, difficult to transport, and came apart in pieces, the book is easy to transport, small enough for someone to put into a bag and carry to church, and the pieces stay together.

“It can be used in every classroom; it could be used in Primary sharing time; it could be used in family home evening, in family scripture study and devotional; it could be used in personal study,” Sister Beck said.

Brother Madsen added that the book could be used in Sunday School or as an additional resource in seminary and institute classes. Parents could use the book at bedtime to share a scriptural account with their children or to help quiet their children in church.

In an interview promoting the Gospel Art Book, Elder Spencer J. Condie of the Seventy illustrated the power of visual aids by pointing out that one of the paintings featured in the book also hangs on the wall in President Thomas S. Monson’s office. President Monson has referred to times when he looks at that painting and asks himself, “I wonder what the Savior would have me do.” With his thoughts turned to the Savior, he receives inspiration and answers to many of his questions.

“That can happen to each of us,” Elder Condie said.

“I would hope [the book] will be found in every home and in every classroom,” Sister Lant said. “It can bless our teaching and bless our lives as we work to grow in faith and testimony and as we strive to lift others and strengthen our families.”

The Gospel Art Book is available through Church Distribution or online at gospelart.lds.org.


The new Gospel Art Book will make gospel art available for a fraction of the cost of the existing Gospel Art Kit.