Moving Out, Jumping In
April 2009

“Moving Out, Jumping In,” Ensign, Apr. 2009, 70–71

Moving Out, Jumping In

Aimee Sauvageau, Utah

During my first year of college it really helped me to remember that none of us is ever truly alone. Whenever I felt homesick or was having a hard time with school, I tried to remember that I could always reach out to Heavenly Father and the new friends He had blessed me with. Fortunately, as members of the Church, we also have many ways we can become involved.

Attend your Church meetings. Though it may seem daunting to attend a new ward or branch at first, make sure you go and participate. You will be blessed as you do so.

Get to know your bishopric. Take the initiative to meet them at the first opportunity instead of assuming they’ll reach out to you. They do their best to meet everyone, but you can also make the effort. Let them know you would welcome a calling.

Be involved. Take time from your studies to attend family home evening, baptisms, ward prayer, firesides, activities, and institute classes. Most of my friends that first year were in my ward, and they became my biggest support system.

Give referrals to the local missionaries. I have found that college life provides many opportunities for sharing the gospel. Have the courage and make the time to do so.

Keep in touch with your parents. Discuss what you’re doing, learning, and experiencing. Call, write, e-mail, or send text messages often. They love you and can offer much-needed support—even by long-distance.

Remember and live by Church teachings. Pray, read the scriptures, write in your journal, do your home or visiting teaching. While you might think your time is too limited to do such things, you’ll find that putting the gospel first will help you to more effectively manage your study time and do better in school overall. Associate with others who have goals and values similar to yours. Let them know by your example—modest appearance, clean language, choice of activities, and high standards—that you live a gospel-centered life.