March 2009

“Contents,” Ensign, Mar. 2009, 1–3


March 2009 Volume 39 • Number 3

On the Cover

Front: Painting by Dan Burr. Back: Photographs by John Luke and Welden C. Andersen.

Using This Issue

Help those with disabilities. Help your family and those you teach understand that our loving Heavenly Father has a plan for all of His children, and talk about ways to assist and be sensitive to ward members who have disabilities. See pp. 10, 40, 46, and 66.

Gain inspiration through study. Do you ever wonder how you can feel inspiration from the Lord more clearly? Young adults and others share stories on how reading the scriptures has helped them overcome challenges and see their purpose in God’s plan. See pp. 28 and 32.

Prepare now. For years, members of the Church have been counseled to prepare for times of adversity. After reading pp. 50–65, go to providentliving.org for ideas on how to put your family finances in order, how to store food and supplies, and what to do in an emergency. You can also order food storage items online at ldscatalog.org under “Welfare Services.”