Conference Story Index
May 2008

“Conference Story Index,” Ensign, May 2008, 126

Conference Story Index

The following is a list of selected experiences from general conference addresses for use in personal study, family home evening, and other teaching. Numbers refer to the first page of the talk.



Doctrines or Principles

Elder Ronald A. Rasband

visits faithful members on Lake Titicaca, 11

example, faith

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

as a seven-year-old, stands up for an older boy with disabilities, 17


Elder William R. Walker

photo of First Presidency hangs in grandparents’ home, 37


Elder Quentin L. Cook

great-grandfather helps rescue handcart companies, 47

courage, devotion

Thomas S. Monson’s Church leadership experience, 47

Church service, ministering

Bishop H. David Burton

accounts of Church humanitarian aid, 51

humanitarian aid, service

Elder John M. Madsen

12-year-old Gordon B. Hinckley attends first stake priesthood meeting, 55

Joseph Smith, testimony

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

airplane crashes into a mountain, 57

obedience, repentance

President Thomas S. Monson

boy imitates Thomas S. Monson, 65


stalwart missionary with cancer, 65

example, faith

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Thomas S. Monson visits bedridden member in Germany, 68

compassion, ministering

conversion of Harriet Uchtdorf and family, 68


Elder Sheldon F. Child

young Sheldon F. Child pays tithing after selling calf, 79


breadfruit falls from tree in front of family who paid tithing, 79

faith, tithing

West African mother’s testimony of tithing, 79


President Thomas S. Monson

pioneer ancestors’ hardships, 87

dedication, faith

Elder David A. Bednar

mother and sick son pray that he will be healed, 94

faith, prayer

parents pray to embrace dying daughter, 94

comfort, prayer

Elder W. Craig Zwick

young man asks if he must lower standards to keep friends, 97

righteousness, standards

Elder Robert R. Steuer

testimony of boy in Recife, Brazil, 99

agency, testimony

Elder Lance B. Wickman

wounded soldier in Vietnam begs to stay with his men, 103

commitment, mortality

Susan W. Tanner

investigator receives testimony of Jesus Christ, 113

missionary work, testimony

youth live gospel standards amid peer pressure, 113

integrity, obedience

less-active woman is asked to teach Young Women, 113

example, reactivation

Elaine S. Dalton

young man stands up for chastity, 116

courage, testimony

runs the Boston Marathon, 116


Mary N. Cook

young woman learns to be modest, 120

example, standards

two sisters smash a CD that did not have uplifting lyrics, 120


young woman’s example helps her family return to Church activity, 120

example, Sabbath