Family Home Evening Helps: Conference Family Home Evening Idea
April 2008

“Family Home Evening Helps: Conference Family Home Evening Idea,” Ensign, Apr. 2008, 75

Family Home Evening Helps

Conference Family Home Evening Idea

Natalie Greaves, Arizona

After two days of sessions, general conference is finished for six months, right? Not at our house. My husband and I decided to incorporate topics learned at conference into our family home evenings. After the last session of conference, we pick six topics from conference for our family to discuss, one each month until the next general conference. Along with this simple schedule, we choose either a supporting scripture, an article of faith, or a related quotation from a General Authority.

Some of the topics we have discussed include the Atonement, the importance of our bodies, Joseph Smith, pioneers, reverence, scripture study, and temples. We post our topic list in the kitchen. We also keep our monthly scripture or article of faith handy at the dinner table so we can memorize as we eat.

We take turns preparing and sharing our conference-themed lessons. Our family is strengthened as we study and do what our leaders have taught us.

Illustration by Beth Whittaker