Family Home Evening Helps: Family Fun with the Articles of Faith
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“Family Home Evening Helps: Family Fun with the Articles of Faith,” Ensign, Jan. 2008, 75

Family Home Evening Helps

Family Fun with the Articles of Faith

Suzanne Ferrin, Utah

Many of us are trying to help our families or Primary classes learn the Articles of Faith. So why not make a game of it? First, memorize the following key words for each article of faith: (1) Godhead, (2) Adam, (3) Atonement, (4) first principles, (5) hands, (6) organization, (7) gifts, (8) word of God, (9) revelation, (10) ten tribes, (11) worshipping, (12) law, (13) praiseworthy (see the Primary 5 manual). Then you’re ready to play the following games:

Musical articles. Write each key word on a different large square of colored paper. Place the squares on the floor. Play some music and have the children move clockwise from square to square. When the music stops, the players who can say the article of faith indicated on their square are invited to do so. Repeat the game several times so the children can practice several articles of faith.

Brainteaser. Have one person face the group and draw a key word from a sack. Without looking at the word, the person sticks it on his or her forehead with a bit of tape. The group then gives hints or repeats the matching article of faith, without saying the key word. If someone says the word before the person with the word on his or her forehead guesses it, that person must place the next key word on his or her forehead.

Make a match. Write each key word and the numbers 1–13 on separate squares of paper. Turn the papers face down. One at a time, the players turn over two squares of paper until they find the matches.

Right: Illustration by Beth Whittaker