Mormon.org Redesigned
December 2007

“Mormon.org Redesigned,” Ensign, Dec. 2007, 78–79

Mormon.org Redesigned

People interested in learning more about the Church can now access the doctrines of the restored gospel on the recently redesigned Web site, Mormon.org. The site is now easier to navigate and more closely aligned with the material found in the missionary lessons from Preach My Gospel.

Those viewing the site’s main page are given “answers to life’s great questions” through a number of short videos featuring converts to the Church, said Scott Swofford, director of media for the Missionary Department. The men and women in the videos are all real members of the Church who share personal responses to questions such as Does God have more for me? and Does God really know me?

The site was redesigned so the core doctrines of the Church are easily accessible, though other doctrine can also be found using the glossary feature. There are links to meetinghouse locators for those interested in attending a meeting as well as Book of Mormon and missionary request forms.

Also new to the site is the Ask a Question feature, which allows people interested in learning more about the Church to chat in real time with missionaries and trainers at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. The goal “is to arm them with information and then get them to start a dialogue with full-time missionaries,” Brother Swofford said.

The live-chat option has already proven to be a successful tool. The feature offers many opportunities for missionaries to share their testimonies, and questions can also be answered through e-mail correspondence.

Brother Swofford says the site will serve as a great missionary tool for members of the Church who acquaint themselves with it. He said referring people to the Web site when they have questions about the Church is “a very painless way to do missionary work. It’s a chance for members to share their beliefs with other people.”

The site is currently available in English and will eventually be available in other languages as well.

The redesigned Mormon.org is now more closely aligned with the principles taught from Preach My Gospel.