November 2007

“Contents,” Ensign, Nov. 2007, 1


November 2007

The 177th Semiannual General Conference

Volume 37, Number 11

Conference Music

Saturday Morning Session

“Press Forward, Saints,” Hymns, no. 81; “Faith of our Fathers,” Hymns, no. 84, arr. Longhurst, pub. Sonos; “Come unto Him,” Hymns, no. 114; “Now Let Us Rejoice,” Hymns, no. 3; “Where Can I Turn for Peace?” Hymns, no. 129, arr. Wilberg, unpublished; “I Believe in Christ,” Hymns, no. 134, arr. Wilberg, unpublished.

Saturday Afternoon Session

“Come, Rejoice,” Hymns, no. 9, arr. Unsworth, unpublished; “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer,” Hymns, no. 26, arr. Kasen, pub. Jackman; “Come, Come, Ye Saints,” Hymns, no. 30; “Oh, May My Soul Commune with Thee,” Hymns, no. 123, arr. Dalton, pub. Plum.

Priesthood Session

“Redeemer of Israel,” Hymns, no. 6; “Sweet Is the Peace the Gospel Brings,” Hymns, no. 14, arr. Staheli, unpublished; “High on the Mountain Top,” Hymns, no. 5; “We Ever Pray for Thee,” Hymns, no. 23, arr. Kasen, unpublished.

Sunday Morning Session

“Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah,” Hymns, no. 83; “O Thou Kind and Gracious Father,” Hymns, no. 150; “A Child’s Prayer,” Children’s Songbook, 12, arr. Perry, pub. Jackman; “I Am a Child of God,” Hymns, no. 301; “God So Loved the World,” The Choirbook, 28, pub. IRI; “How Firm a Foundation,” Hymns, no. 85, arr. Wilberg, unpublished.

Sunday Afternoon Session

“Beautiful Zion, Built Above,” Hymns, no. 44, arr. Wilberg, unpublished; “Our Prayer to Thee,” Parry, text by Russell M. Nelson, arr. Wilberg, unpublished (soloist: Scott Miller); “We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet,” Hymns, no. 19; “Sing We Now at Parting,” Hymns, no. 156, arr. Wilberg, unpublished.

General Relief Society Meeting

“Redeemer of Israel,” Hymns, no. 6; “Hark, All Ye Nations!” Hymns, no. 264, arr. Webb, unpublished; “High on the Mountain Top,” Hymns, no. 5, descant arr. Webb, unpublished; “The Lord Is My Light,” Hymns, no. 89, arr. Kasen, pub. Jackman.

Conference Recordings Available

Recordings of conference sessions are available at www.lds.org. Generally within two months following conference, recordings are also available at distribution centers. Recordings for individuals who are deaf are available at www.lds.org/asl and generally within two months following conference from distribution centers (three DVDs with a signing inset). For more information, call 1-800-537-5971 or log on to www.ldscatalog.com.

Conference Talks on Internet

To access general conference talks on the Internet in many languages, visit www.lds.org. Click on “Gospel Library” and “General Conference.” Then select a language.

Home and Visiting Teaching Messages

For home and visiting teaching messages, please select an address that best meets the needs of those you visit.

Teaching and Learning from General Conference

Teachings for Our Time instructions, Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women Resource Guides, and topic and story indexes from this conference are available online at www.lds.org.

Go to www.lds.org and click on “Gospel Library.” Click on “General Conference,” and select a language. Then select the most recent conference.

Teachings for Our Time Schedule

Fourth-Sunday Lesson Materials

November 2007–April 2008: Talks published in the November 2007 Liahona and Ensign*

May 2008–October 2008: Talks published in the May 2008 Liahona and Ensign*



Letter written by Mary N. Cook’s brother to the family, 11

Six-year-old son instructs his father on what to say at stake conference, 14

General conference talk on resurrection addressed to a woman not of our faith, 21

Man paints his sick wife’s fingernails, 28

Uncle Fred overcomes alcoholism and accepts the gospel, 35

L. Tom Perry encourages his son, a high jumper, to raise the bar, 46

Boy procrastinates turning in a family recipe, 49

Caribbean fish trap, 51

Henry B. Eyring speaks to leaders and ministers of U.S. churches, 55

Olympic runner loses his shoe in a race, 59

People in Tonga find fresh water in the ocean, 70

Home teachers visit and help activate Stan, 78

News reporter asks Harold B. Lee when he last received a revelation, 86

Calling horses to come by rattling a bucket of grain, 93

Grandchildren entreat their grandfather to attend church, 95

Octaviano Tenorio loses his first child, 95

Young Heber J. Grant doesn’t know he has a strong testimony, 100

Missionary experiences the “moment of testimony realization,” 100

Dying mother wishes she had served more, 102

Boy shares a piece of candy with his friends, 102

Son says the best part of the summer was looking at stars with his father, 104

Sister gains a friend by going visiting teaching, 113

Woman asks Thomas S. Monson for a blessing for her daughter, 118

Woman helps take care of her neighbor’s children, 118


Adversity, 9, 53

Anger, 62

Assurance, 55

Atonement, 40, 80

Bible, 43

Blessings, 66

Book of Mormon, 43, 78

Character, 90

Charity, 28

Children, 76, 115

Church growth, 83

Church magazines, 108

Comfort, 95

Commitment, 37

Compassion, 28, 35, 102

Conversion, 78, 100

Covenants, 16

Death, 21

Divorce, 62

Doctrine, 25

Education, 118

Endurance, 9, 18, 98

Equality, 6

Example, 11, 25

Faith, 16, 25, 59, 70, 109

Family, 11, 25, 33, 73, 76, 95, 104, 109, 115

Family home evening, 108

Freedom, 98

Friendship, 113

General conference, 108

Godhead, 40

Gospel, 18

Gratitude, 31, 66

Holy Ghost, 37, 55, 66, 93

Jesus Christ, 21, 40, 115

Journals, 66

Joy, 18

Leadership, 6, 55

Love, 9, 28, 70, 73

Marriage, 62

Membership, 18

Missionary work, 33, 35, 46, 70

Motherhood, 76, 109, 115

Obedience, 16

Pornography, 51

Prayer, 55, 59, 86, 118

Preach My Gospel, 33

Preparation, 46, 49, 53, 86

Priesthood, 14, 55, 59

Priorities, 104

Procrastination, 49

Promises, 16

Purity, 51, 80

Relief Society, 109

Repentance, 31, 49, 80, 98

Restoration, 40, 83

Resurrection, 21

Revelation, 86, 90

Righteousness, 53

Sacrifice, 31

Sanctification, 78

Scriptures, 43, 118

Service, 6, 9, 35, 53, 102, 109, 113, 118

Standards, 46

Teaching, 73, 76, 93, 104

Temples, 11, 14, 37, 95

Temptation, 51

Testimony, 14, 78, 83, 98, 100

Trust, 93

Truth, 90

Visiting teaching, 113

Witnesses, 43, 100

Work, 55

Worthiness, 46

Speakers in Alphabetical Order

Allred, Silvia H., 113

Ballard, M. Russell, 25

Beck, Julie B., 76, 109

Bednar, David A., 80

Callister, Douglas L., 100

Clayton, L. Whitney, 51

Condie, Spencer J., 16

Cook, Mary N., 11

Cook, Quentin L., 70

Costa, Claudio R. M., 73

Edgley, Richard C., 9

Eyring, Henry B., 55, 66

Falabella, Enrique R., 14

Golden, Christoffel, Jr., 78

González, Walter F., 53

Hales, Robert D., 86

Hallstrom, Donald L., 49

Hilbig, Keith K., 37

Hinckley, Gordon B., 4, 62, 83, 108

Holland, Jeffrey R., 40

Judd, Daniel K, 93

Kopischke, Erich W., 33

Monson, Thomas S., 21, 59, 118

Nelson, Russell M., 43

Oaks, Dallin H., 104

Packer, Boyd K., 6

Perry, L. Tom, 46

Porter, Bruce D., 31

Scott, Richard G., 90

Snow, Steven E., 102

Teh, Michael J., 35

Tenorio, Octaviano, 95

Thompson, Barbara, 115

Uchtdorf, Dieter F., 18

Wirthlin, Joseph B., 28

Zivic, Claudio D., 98

  • * Stake and district presidents may choose which talks should be used, or they may assign this responsibility to bishops and branch presidents.


On the cover: Photographs by Craig Dimond.


Inside front cover: The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Seated (from left) are President Boyd K. Packer, Acting President; Elder L. Tom Perry; Elder Russell M. Nelson; Elder Dallin H. Oaks; Elder M. Russell Ballard; and Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. Standing (from left) are Elder Richard G. Scott; Elder Robert D. Hales; Elder Jeffrey R. Holland; Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf; Elder David A. Bednar; and Elder Quentin L. Cook.


Inside back cover: The Presidency of the Seventy. Seated (from left) are Elder Earl C. Tingey, Elder D. Todd Christofferson, Elder Neil L. Andersen, and Elder Ronald A. Rasband. Standing (from left) are Elder Claudio R. M. Costa, Elder Steven E. Snow, and Elder Walter F. González.


Conference photographs: Scenes of general conference in Salt Lake City were taken by Craig Dimond, Welden C. Andersen, John Luke, Matthew Reier, Christina Smith, Les Nilsson, Scott Davis, Rod Boam, Emily Leishman, Geoffrey McAllister, Mark Weinberg, Cody Bell, and Camilla Combs; in Brazil by Laureni Fochetto; in Canada by Laurent Lucuix; in Denmark by Lisa Als Klein and Ann-Mari Als Lindberg; in India by Merinda Cutler; in Mexico by Reynaldo Martinez; in Peru by Ryan Brown; in South Africa by Rob Milne; and in West Indies by David Hooson.