Conference Fun
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“Conference Fun,” Ensign, Apr. 2007, 74

Conference Fun

Want a fun children’s activity to do between conference sessions? Try one of our favorite games: “Prophets.” You’ll need at least a small group of people and a circle of chairs to play. Arrange the chairs with one fewer than the number of people playing. Then invite each person to choose the name of a prophet and tell the group. One person, “the caller,” stands in the center of the chair circle, while everyone else takes a seat. The caller then calls out three or four prophets’ names. The individuals who chose those names then try to switch seats, competing with the caller, who also scrambles for a seat. The one left standing is the new caller. For variety, instead of calling out a few names, the caller can also say, “general conference.” In this case, everyone changes seats, and the caller again scrambles for a chair. We’ve also played this game using names of ancestors, calling out “family file” for everyone to move.
Kristin W. Belcher, Utah