They Spoke to Us
November 2006

“They Spoke to Us,” Ensign, Nov. 2006, 120–21

They Spoke to Us

Making Conference Part of Our Lives

The following ideas may help with personal study or family home evening discussion. (Numbers in parentheses refer to the beginning page number of the talk.) The list of stories may also help.

For Children

Search the Words

  1. Fill in the blank: “I testify to you that the Resurrection is not a ______.” (Clue: Search Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin’s talk on page 28.) What does this mean? How can a testimony of the Resurrection change the way you live each day?

  2. What did the hikers in Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk do when it was time for general conference? (Clue: The talk begins on page 104.) What can you do when it is time for general conference?

  3. Like Pahoran in the Book of Mormon, we need not be rude when someone is rude to us. What should you say when someone is rude to you? (Clue: Search Elder David A. Bednar’s talk on page 89.)


  1. President James E. Faust taught that being a disciple means obeying the Savior. He said, “The blessings of discipleship are readily available to all who are willing to pay the price.” Fold a piece of paper in half. On one side write what you must “pay” to be a disciple of Christ, such as studying the scriptures, attending church, telling the truth, and being kind. On the other side write the blessings that come from following Christ, such as joy, peace, protection, guidance, and eternal family relationships. Each time you must make a choice between right and wrong, remember your list of blessings and how valuable they are to you.

  2. Sister Elaine S. Dalton said: “To the youth of the noble birthright, look into the windows of eternity! See yourselves in the Lord’s holy temples. See yourselves living worthy and pure lives. Generations are depending on you!” Draw a picture of yourself near a temple, or attach a picture of a temple to a mirror that you look into each day. Remind yourself daily of righteous goals and how you can stay worthy to achieve them.

For Youth

  1. Are there members of your class or quorum who are struggling? What can you do to help them? Read what President Thomas S. Monson and Elder Henry B. Eyring say about fulfilling our duty and caring for others. (56 and 43)

  2. Read Bishop Richard C. Edgley’s story about the lodge towels. (72) What examples of integrity can you share from your own experience? Resolve now to be honest in your dealings with others.

  3. Ask yourself if you have a “here I am; now inspire me” attitude. If so, how can you change? Review the talk by Sunday School general president A. Roger Merrill about gaining more from talks and lessons. (92)

  4. What are some evils you must avoid in order not to be lured away from a “happy, gospel-centered life”? Read about the “hook” behind the lures in Elder Marcus B. Nash’s talk on page 49.

For Adults

  1. Why does President Gordon B. Hinckley hope the next generation will remember the pioneers? How do we honor our “inheritance”—the faithful sacrifices made by early Latter-day Saints? What can we do to build upon the work they began? (82)

  2. In what ways did their understanding of the Atonement affect how Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin and his wife lived their lives? (28) How has that understanding comforted Elder Wirthlin following his wife’s death? Consider sharing Elder Wirthlin’s talk with someone you know who has lost a loved one.

  3. Read the story Elder Robert C. Oaks told about the boy who knocked down the motorcycles. (15) How did the boy’s father react? In what ways can you be more patient with family members and others? What are Elder Oaks’s four suggestions for becoming more patient?

Stories to Read and Share

In the talks beginning on the pages listed below, you’ll find stories and insights to share.

Father and son go bowling at 5:00 a.m., 9

Father is patient with son who knocks over motorcycles, 15

Martyrdom of Rafael Monroy and Vincente Morales, 20

Deacon takes recording of priesthood lesson to another deacon, 43

Father sacrifices to buy an ironing machine for his wife, 46

Marcus B. Nash catches a fish, 49

Boy blessed after a fall from a diving board, 51

Priest gives collected food to a single mother, 53

Boy finds king’s emerald while doing his duty, 56

Thomas S. Monson prompted to visit and bless hospitalized friend, 56

Young women carry Jami Palmer on a hike, 62

Waitress talks about the gospel with a truck driver, 69

Richard C. Edgley returns three towels he had taken, 72

Rich man takes newspapers from a vending machine, 72

Martha Paxman finds her lost wedding band, 82

Handcart companies rescued on the plains, 82

Pioneer leaders raise an ensign to the nations, 85

Man inspired to help blind farmer, 97

Woman listens to general conference on a hike with friends, 104

Young mother feels unworthy of God’s love, 108

Woman prompted to visit a grieving Relief Society sister, 113

Anne C. Pingree seeks forgiveness from one she offended, 113

Single mother with seven children prays for a night off, 115

Young couple pays tithing and does not go hungry, 115