Memorizing Isn’t Just for Youth

    “Memorizing Isn’t Just for Youth,” Ensign, July 2006, 72

    Memorizing Isn’t Just for Youth

    As people grow older, some feel concerned about keeping their minds invigorated. There are many activities that can contribute to expanding the mind.

    I have found that memorizing the scriptures helps stimulate my mind. First, I begin with a single line and repeat it over and over until I feel ready to add another line or phrase. For reference, I write the full scripture on an index card and carry it in my purse or pocket. Over time I have acquired many scripture cards, which I have bound into a small booklet to help me easily review them.

    As I have committed the scriptures to memory, their meanings have become clearer to me. I often discover connections between them that I hadn’t realized before, thus enhancing my appreciation for Heavenly Father’s blessings in my life.

    Patricia Thelin, Utah