Family Home Evening Helps: Memorizing Step-by-Step
February 2006

“Family Home Evening Helps: Memorizing Step-by-Step,” Ensign, Feb. 2006, 71

Family Home Evening Helps: Memorizing Step-by-Step

“We believe …” Climb a step; recite another article of faith; ascend another stair. Our oldest daughter made clever use of our home’s 13-step staircase during one of our more memorable family home evenings. Inviting everyone to stand at the bottom stair, she encouraged each of us to take a turn ascending each stair as we successfully repeated an article of faith. Some of us received help, encouragement, and a little teasing from the others. We even paused occasionally to discuss some of the principles taught, instead of just reciting them. As we eventually gathered at the top, it was rewarding to see that each family member had passed off all 13 articles. And in the process, each of our daughters achieved Personal Progress goals or Faith in God requirements.

Don’t have 13 stairs in your home? You could easily modify the activity by ascending and descending any stairs you have or by using pieces of paper on the floor to represent steps. Or you could choose another memorization activity to coincide with the number of stairs you have. For example, you could memorize a scripture for each step you take.

We found that having a simple activity in which the whole family could participate enhanced our learning abilities. Step-by-step, we’re setting and achieving goals to better apply gospel teachings in our home.

Lori Raymond, Timpview First Ward, Orem Utah Timpview Stake

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker