Members Hear General Conference, Announcements in 80 Languages
November 2005

“Members Hear General Conference, Announcements in 80 Languages,” Ensign, Nov. 2005, 126

Members Hear General Conference, Announcements in 80 Languages

Two new temples and a special celebration planned for Joseph Smith’s birthday highlighted announcements during the proceedings of the 175th Semiannual General Conference, which was interpreted into 80 languages.

During his opening remarks, President Gordon B. Hinckley announced that a new temple will be built in South Jordan, Utah, in the western part of the Salt Lake Valley. President Hinckley also announced that to meet demands as membership grows, an additional temple site has been acquired in the southwest part of the Salt Lake Valley.

In his closing remarks, President Hinckley announced that he plans to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith’s birthday by traveling to the Prophet’s birthplace in Vermont just as President Joseph F. Smith did to mark the 100th anniversary of the Prophet’s birth. Members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will participate in the celebration broadcast from the Conference Center.

Simultaneous interpretation for this general conference was done in 80 languages—more than any past conference—through interpreters stationed both in the Conference Center and in 26 international remote studios. All sessions of conference were televised via the Church satellite system to nearly 6,000 Church-owned sites in 81 countries. Live audio was available online in up to 61 languages for most sessions. DVD or videotape recordings will be sent to Church units in areas where satellite and other transmissions are not available, making general conference proceedings available to members in more than 160 countries.


A member listens to conference in one of 80 languages (inset) at the Conference Center (above).